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NiniMomo Creations is a new doll designer company which takes a plain Barbie or any 11 1/2" doll and turns it into a dream. I first saw an ad in the fall of 1996 for them in a Barbie collector magazine called Miller's. The dolls are themed after national and international beauty pageants. I have three dolls from the 1996 International Pageant, and one from the 1997 National Pageant. Two were runners up in the pageants, so I also won discount coupons for furture purchases. I'm kind of addicted to these dolls, but then I just love Barbie dolls. These pictures really don't do them justice. They are one-of-a-kind dolls, so they disappear fast (especially since they have been advertised in another Barbie magazine called Barbie Bazaar). For more information on NiniMomo Creations and to see their current dolls available, check out their web site at I've included some other web sites with some really great custom made dolls on my links page.

Miss Luxembourg 1996 Miss Trinidad & Tobago 1996

Miss Vermont 1997 Miss Bahamas 1996

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